Central North Correctional Centre

Penetanguishene, Ontario


Major security upgrades for the 1,200 bed maximum security correctional facility. The upgrades included a new touchscreen controlled integrated security system based on the new MCSCS Security Standards. A new HMI was incorporated to enhance operator monitoring and control efficiency and minimize response time to security related incidents. The existing PLCs were replaced with new PLCs with built-in redundancies. The video surveillance system was upgraded to a new IP based system. Additional IP cameras were added to the system for a total of 250+ cameras on the new system. A roof detection system was incorporated, consisting of video motion detection cameras and non-cool thermal cameras and enhanced video analytics.


The security systems were upgraded while the facility was fully operational. A well thought-out phasing plan was incorporated to ensure the downtime was minimal during the transition period from the existing systems to the new systems.


Budget: $2,000,000 (Security)



Lobo was the lead security consultants/prime consultant responsible to design the Integrated Security System. Lobo produced the construction documents, including drawings and specifications. Lobo also performed contract admin services, including construction review and commissioning and testing.


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