South West Detention Centre

Windsor, Ontario


Design and construction of a new 315 bed, 200,000 sq ft, maximum security correctional facility. The facility accommodates both male and female offenders. This state-of-the-art detention centre includes all support spaces including kitchen, infirmary, receiving/stores, laundry, full gymnasium, administrative and staff spaces.


The security consists of multiple security systems integrated into a single touchscreen control and monitoring system. All security systems utilized the latest technology. The Integrated Security System following systems: Detention Door Control, IP Video Surveillance (450+ cameras), Video Analytic, Access Control, Intercom, Public Address, Passive Duress Alarm, Personal Duress Alarm, Watchtour, Cell Call, and Perimeter Intrusion Detection. The touchscreen control system also integrated the following building systems on the HMI: fire alarm, water control, lighting, power control, elevator control, and HVAC. The security systems also consisted of a video visitation system to allow inmates to communicate with visitors electronically to eliminate unnecessary movement throughout the facility. Mobile devices were incorporated to display inmate information for dispensing medicines and verifying inmate identification.


Numerous redundancies (system level and network level) were built into the design to ensure failure of any component would have minimal downtime, if any.


Budget: $120,000,000 (Construction), $6,000,000 (Security)



Lobo was the Security and IT consultants responsible for designing the Integrated Security System and IT System. Lobo also performed full contract administration and commissioning services.


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