Grenville and William Davis Courthouse

Brampton, Ontario


Upgrades to the existing six storey, 400,000 sqft courthouse, consisting of upgrading the Integrated Security System, video surveillance system, access control system, and duress alarm system in the detention area and throughout the building to provide the latest security technology. The system included a touchscreen controlled system to remotely control all accused cell and circulation doors from a single central secure control room. The new system interfaced all security systems, including the Video Surveillance System, Detention Door Control System, Cell Request System, and Intercom System, into a single monitoring system.


Budget: $6,000,000 (Security)



Lobo was the lead security consultants responsible to design the Integrated Security System. Lobo produced the construction documents, including drawings and specifications. Lobo also performed full contract admin services, including construction reviews and commissioning and testing.


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