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Lobo Consulting Services Inc. (Lobo) specializes in providing engineering design solutions for Integrated Security Systems. Our renowned expertise allows us to provide clients with innovative solutions, utilizing state of the art technology that is best suited for the clients’ requirements.

Lobo is comprised of independent security consultants with no affiliation to any manufacturer or contractor. As such, Lobo can provide security solutions best suited for each client.

Our expertise has allowed us to provide clients with a wide range of security services beginning with the initial development of security requirements through to the commissioning and testing of a security system in its final stages.

Specifically, our services include:


Security Assessments / Audits / Studies & Masterplans

Our Vision

Lobo provides full security system assessments looking at the current operations and security systems to determine if they meet the needs of the facility. Lobo analyzes the function and life cycle of existing security technology and equipment. Through meetings with user groups, Lobo uncovers and outlines all security concerns and potential vulnerabilities.

Lobo also provides in-depth Threat-Risk-Vulnerability assessments for new and existing facilities.

Using the information obtained during the assessment phases and design principles such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Lobo produces recommendations to overcome the current vulnerabilities and options to meet the needs of the facility.

Lobo prepares reports outlining all existing conditions, detailed recommendations and budget estimates associated with the recommendations.



Lobo provides full engineering design services for the following systems: Touchscreen Control, Video Surveillance, Video Analytic, Access Control, Detention Door Control, Intercom, Public Address, Audio Surveillance, Duress Alarm, Personal Duress Alarm, Watchtour, Cell Call, Video Visitation, Perimeter Security, Fence Detection, Intrusion Detection, X-Ray Screening, and Metal Detection.

Security system design should be dictated by the specific operational and functional requirements of each facility rather than having the design determine how the institution operates. To ensure this, Lobo meets with the site representatives to fully understand the operational and security requirements of the institution. Based on these requirements, Lobo provides innovative design solutions best suited to meet the needs of the facility.

AutoCAD Drawings
Lobo prepares engineering specifications and AutoCAD drawings, including:

– System layouts to indicate the location of all security devices

– System riser diagrams to indicate the system interconnections

– Door details to indicate the door devices and door operations

– Sketches and details


Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Lobo coordinates security designs with other disciplines such as architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering. The benefits of Lobo’s designs include:

– In-depth system integration

– Latest technology

– Creative solutions best suited for the users

– Extensive experience from a wide variety of facility types


These benefits provide system and alarm monitoring efficiency that minimizes response time to security related incidents.


Standards & Guidelines

Standards & Guidelines

Lobo develops Security Standards and Guidelines for Government Ministries and organizations. These security standards allow organizations to standardize their security systems and security requirements. This ensures that the organization is utilizing the same requirements to ensure consistency is provided across all the facilities.

Security standards not only aid management, but also aid security personnel moving from one facility to another. This standardization minimizes the time involved in retraining and learning security systems and procedures.

To develop the Security Standards/Guidelines, Lobo first develops a strong understanding of the operational requirements of the facility. Lobo meets with site representatives to develop the security requirements in detail. Through interviews with designated site representatives, Lobo determines what security measures have worked well in the past compared to those that have not proven effective. This helps direct the security concepts incorporated in the Standards/Guidelines.

The Security Standards can include descriptions of every system and the specific requirements related to each system. Performance requirements of every security device can also be provided, including the technology to ensure comparable products are purchased at each related site. Exact manufacturers and models for security systems and devices can be incorporated as required. Specific operational requirements and interfaces for systems can be detailed. The level of detail of the Standards/Guidelines is determined by the client’s requirements.


Contract Administration / Commissioning

Contract Administration / Commissioning

Lobo provides full contract administration services. This includes issuing site instructions and change notices, and resolving construction related issues.

Lobo reviews shop drawings to ensure the products supplied meet the requirements of the design.

Lobo attends site meetings during construction. Lobo also performs site reviews and inspections related to security systems and prepare the related inspection reports.

Lobo performs full commissioning of the security systems, providing installation inspection of each security device and system. Lobo tests the performance of each device. Lobo also ensures that all interfaces between systems and devices are provided as per the contract documents and the design. Lobo’s detailed commissioning provides our clients assurance that the security systems installed meet the requirements of the design documents and operational requirements of the users.

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